Introductory Activities for Plants and the Biosphere

Hello Grade 7!  Here is some background work to do for our new topic.  Some of this will be familiar from grade 6.

Plants have a vital relationship with every other type of organism on Earth, because of their special ability to transform energy from the sun into chemical energy.

  1. Watch the brainpop videos on:
  • Food chains
  • Photosynthesis
  1. Complete the workbook given to you as a handout.  (There will be a stack of them on my desk).
  2. Take the quizzes for both videos and send the results to me.  You need to get at least 8/10 for both quizzes before going on to the next step!
  3. Finish writing your conclusion and evaluation for your science fair project and complete your Science Fair Planner.
  4. Only after all that is done, can you play the Food Fight game on BrainPop!


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