Grade 11 A and B – Cover work for Friday

Google hangoutHi Grade 11’s.  I’m sick and at home.  I will be online during your class today though.  If you need my help, or want to ask me something, you can google hangout me from our Google+ community!

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Here is the work you need to do today….

Homework check

Check your homework.  Hopefully you marked your homework already since it is out of the text book.  If there were any questions you got stuck on, discuss them at your table.

If you still can’t solve the problem, post the question on the Google+ community (atomic structure category) and I or someone else in the community will get back to you!

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

Take a look at the following graphic.

Take a few minutes to study this graphic yourself.  With a partner, discuss the following:

  1. What do you see?  Describe the picture.  Point out all the features shown on the graphic.
  2. What do you think?  What is this graphic about?  What is it trying to show you?  How might this be related to our topic on atomic structure?
  3. What do you wonder?  What questions do you have about this graphic?  Is there anything that confuses or puzzles you?

It is important to note how frequencyenergy, wavelength and colour change across the spectrum.  Make sure you’ve noted what increases and what decreases as you move from left to right.

The Hydrogen Spectrum

Use headphones to watch the media on this post together with your partner.  If you are lucky, Mrs Harrison may be there to show you the hydrogen spectrum on our special carousel!  If not, I will show you next week.

Draw and label a diagram showing all the possible transitions by electrons to the first, second and third energy levels.  Include the following on your diagram:

  • Name the series
  • What type of electromagnetic radiation is emitted when the electrons drop to the lower energy level (ie UV, visible light or infrared).
  • Label the energy levels on the y-axis

Watch the following video that talks about where electrons hang out around an atom.

Discuss with your partner what this video is talking about. Draw the shapes of an s orbital and the three p orbitals in your notebook.


Take a moment to add any new information that is relevant to one or more of your questions on your fish diagram.  If you have some questions from the material presented today, put them on the Google+ in the Atomic Structure category.

If you have time left, you can use it to work on your lab report.

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