E-Learning for Snow Day!

Snow from a few years ago. Keep warm everyone!

Snow from a few years ago. Keep warm everyone!

Hi everyone!  It is a winter wonderland out there and I hope that you are all warm and cozy inside your houses.

Please check below for the work you need to do today.  I will be online during your regular class time if you want to ask me any questions.

Grade 11 Chemistry
Grade 10C Science
Grade 7C Science

Grade 11 Chemistry

There will be a test focussing on topic 6/16 but including work from all of grade 11 in two weeks time (see Veracross for details).

Standard Level

You continue to have study hall.  You should use the time wisely to begin to prepare for the upcoming test as this will be the biggest test of your abilities so far.  Make sure you begin to review the work from the beginning of the year.  Study can take the following forms:

  1. Reorganising and rewriting your notes and summaries for each topic
  2. Creating a detailed concept map for each topic
    1. Include links to other topics
    2. Include diagrams where relevant
    3. Include examples where relevant
    4. Use the syllabus to make sure you have included everything you need for the topic.  The full syllabus can be found on my blog or you can use the statements at the beginning of each chapter in your text.
  3. Discuss any concepts or points or ideas that you don’t quite understand.  You can do this by:
    1. Posting the question on google+
    2. Skyping/messaging/google hangouting etc with your peers
    3. Sending me an email
  4. Making flash cards on quizlet or on paper of definitions and diagrams that need memorising.
  5. Memorising them.
  6. Working through calculation problems already done in class or new ones from the links on Google+ community, problems in your text book, problems from trusted sites on the internet (start with those linked to Google+ community)
  7. Only after doing all this should you then go to past paper questions for practice.
Higher Level

We need to finish your experiment.  Please follow the instructions below.

  1. All reaction rates should have been calculated and entered here.  If the table isn’t big enough, make it bigger to fit in your result.
  2. Make your own copy of the spreadsheet.
  3. Use a formula on the spreadsheet to calculate the average for each mixture and put the result in the averages sheet along with the initial concentrations of the three solutions from the instructions.  (Look at the second tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet).
  4. Deduce the rate expression for the reaction and your value for k and post it as a comment under this google+ post.

Grade 10 C

Experiment time!

  1.  Ask your mum for a plastic supermarket shopping bag that you can destroy!
  2. Follow the instruction on the activity sheet found here or on the google classroom.
  3. Answer the questions at the bottom of the sheet.

We will be using this activity as a basis to plan an investigation next week so make sure you get it done!  🙂

Grade 7 C

In order to make sure you can write about your reasons for your hypothesis and to explain your conclusion, you need to know how the ear works.  So today, you can learn about that.  Here is what you need to do:

  1. Log in to BrainPop using your 9 dots thing.
  2. Watch the video called “hearing”
  3. There are three activities for this video.  Complete these ones:
    1. Activity
    2. Vocabulary
    3. You DO NOT need to do the graphic organiser
  4. Do the Classic quiz.  You need to repeat it until you get at least 8/10.

I will be checking that this is complete at the end of the day.  Have fun!


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