Grade 10A and 10C Science – Cover

Hey grade 10!  Here are your instructions for this week.

Waters of Crystallisation of Barium Chloride experiment

You have collected your data.  Now we need to process it.  The instructions for this are on the latest post on the google classroom.

Empirical formula

  1. Read pages 114 and 115 of your text.  The books are at the back of the room or you can find them here.
  2. Answer questions 1-4 on page 115 in your note book.
  3. Try the Yenka activity.  First you need to download the files found here.  Then double click on the file ‘Burning magnesium.yka’.  Yenka should start automatically.  Follow the instructions on the screen.


  1. If you have finished everything, you can begin working on these practice test questions.  We have just got theoretical and percentage yield to go which we cover next week!

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