Monthly Archives: May 2016

Human Reproduction Recap

The aim of today’s lesson is to recall and revisit what you learnt in grade 6 science about human reproduction.  You will need to understand the human reproductive system in order to participate in future tutor lessons.

Part 1 – What’s the word?

  1. In table groups, make a telling frame™ with all the science vocabulary connected with the human reproductive systems, both male and female that you learnt last year.  It doesn’t matter if you can’t remember what the different words mean exactly.
  2. Label these two diagrams with the words you had in the telling frame™.
    What words did you have left over?
    Were there any parts you couldn’t label?
  3. Discuss with your table group what the function of each structure is.  Circle any parts you aren’t sure about.
  4. Your teacher will now discuss with the class any parts or functions you are unsure of.

Part 2 – The story of fertilisation

  1. On an A3 piece of paper, make a sequencing frame™ that begins with the sperm maturing in the testes to a zygote (fertilised egg) arriving in the uterus.  Use as much of the vocabulary from part 1 as you can.
  2. Photograph your group’s finished product and upload it to the google classroom for tutor.