Discuss with your neighbour everything you remember about the structure of benzene.  Use the diagram below to jog your memory.

Listen to the Voice Thread about Benzene that you created last year.

Review your notes and the section in the text about the structure of benzene before continuing.

Electrophilic Substitution of Benzene

Despite the π-bonds, benzene does not undergo addition reactions like an alkene would.  It does however undergo electrophilic substitution.  

✍️  Define the term electrophile and give 3 examples.

Benzene is an electron rich molecule.  This makes it susceptible to attack by electrophiles.  It will react with a mixture of concentrated nitric and sulfuric acids to form nitrobenzene.

Mechanism for the nitration of benzene (HL only)

✍️  Use your text book (and any other sources you need) to make a complete summary of electrophilic substitution.

Reaction pathways (HL only)

Add the nucleophilic substitution reactions and electrophilic substitution of benzene on to your map.  Remember to add as much detail about conditions as you can.

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