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Grade 6 – Endangered Species

This week you will be working on creating a digital poster, pamphlet, video or presentation to raise awareness about an endangered species.

The TSC and details of the assignment can be found HERE.
Make sure you put a link to your planner and a link to your final product HERE.

Monday – Finish research and filling in the planner.
Tuesday – Design and begin working on your final product.
Thursday – Finish your final product and make sure you have linked it in the table.

This assignment is DUE on Thursday 29th May at the end of the lesson.

Grade 6C Monday Period 1/2

Good morning boys!  I’m away today as I’m not very well.  But I’ll be back tomorrow I think so see you then!

Today please do the following:

Finish writing your blog post – “How to Mine Salt”.  Make sure you have included the equipment you will need and a photo or diagram of how to set it up.  And of course your stepwise method.

Once you have finished your own post, read at least two other people’s and leave a comment for each.  In your comment mention 2 things you think they have done well in their post/method and 1 thing they can improve on.

Watch the following three BrainPop videos:

  1. Scientific Method
  2. Measuring Matter
  3. Metric Units

For each video, do the classic quiz and send the results to a spreadsheet with my email address.  You must log in using google in order to do this.

See you Tuesday!

Grade 6C – Thursday and Monday

For the cover teacher!

  • Workbooks are on my desk next to the shower.  
  • Please collect the workbooks at the end of Thursday’s double and return them there ready for Monday.


  1. If you haven’t finished your investigation, do that first.
  2. Collect a workbook from your cover teacher.

    Revision of Matter

  3. Log in to BrainPop through Google.
  4. Watch the “States of Matter” video on BrainPop.
  5. Complete pages 2-4 of the workbook.
  6. Do the classic quiz for this video and send the results to me!
  7. Watch the “Matter Changing States” video on BrainPop
  8. Complete pages 6-8 of the workbook.
  9. Do the classic quiz for this video and send the results to me!

    New topic – Mixtures

  10. Watch the “Compounds and Mixtures” video on BrainPop.
  11. Complete page 8 of the workbook.
  12. Do the classic quiz for this video and send the results to me!

    Hand your workbooks into the teacher at the end of the period!


  1. Collect your workbook.
  2. If you haven’t finished everything from Thursday, then do that first.

    Separating Mixtures

  3. Read page 9 and 10 of the workbook.
  4. On page 9, answer the questions for Look for Clues in your notebook.
  5. On page 10, answer the questions for Needing Water in your notebook.  You might need the internet to help you!
  6. Do questions 1 and 2 on the bottom of page 10 in your notebook.

    Project – Air

  7. Research one of the gases that is found in the air around us.
  8. On a piece of A4 paper, make a poster about your gas.  You can use what-ever resources you wish and include information that you find interesting and important.  Make your poster colourful and informative!

See you on Tuesday!

Miss Winslade



Thursday Period 3/4 – 6C Science

You need to work on your Salt Water Investigation.

  • If you haven’t taken any or enough measurements, then you may do that today.  If you are not sure where the equipment is, then ask another class member or check your map.  Ask your teacher for the ice and salt.  (Cover teacher – Mr Hooker who is next door will get you the ice and salt).
  • Once you have all the data you need, you need to complete your report.
  • Check on the TSC if you have completed each section correctly!
What does you table need?
  • A title
  • Headings with a unit
  • Numbers only (no need to put a unit when it is in your heading!)
What does your graph need?
  • A title
  • Labelled axis
  • A legend or key
The finished product is due on Thursday next week.  This should already be in your google calendar and it is on Veracross.
Have a good day and see you next week!  🙂

                                       cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by Kevin Dooley