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Grade 11B Friday Period 1

Good morning grade 11.  I’m at the Chiku Centre so here are your instructions for getting on with.  Your homework was to read about Gibbs Free Energy in your text book and/or on the handout.

Gibbs free energy (G) relates the energy that can be obtained from a chemical reaction to the change in enthalpy (ΔH), change in entropy (ΔS), and absolute temperature (T).

Watch the following video together.  You may need to pause it a lot and discuss what he is saying as it goes!

As a group, come up with a communal set of notes as a summary on Gibbs Free Energy.  Put it on a google doc and share it with me.

After everyone is happy with this idea, start trying some of the problems in the handout posted on the Google+.

See you period two!