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Monday Period 1-4 Grade 11A and 11B

Hi Grade 11!

We are going to continue Energetics for HL.

SL, you have a study hall. You need to be continuing to work on the Revision packet that was posted on the Google+ Community.

Born-Haber Cycles

This is new for 11A and practise for 11B.  First of all, watch these series of videos:

Now that you have that, there is also a booklet to go along with this.  Read the booklet and try all the questions at the end of the booklet.  The answers are included.

Once you have finished those, there are some past paper questions that you will find here.  We will discuss the answers when I get back next lesson.

Have a good day!

Grade 11 Friday Period 1

Hi folks!

I’m at the Chiku centre with Kelly’s sister.  This means I’ll be a bit late to class. But here are your instructions.

SL – It is a study hall for you.  You can work on your revision pack posted to the community.

HL – We are looking at Standard Enthalpy Change of Formation and Standard Enthalpy Change of Combustion

  1. Define the above two terms.  Watch the video and write down the definitions of each to learn for the exam.
  2. Watch this video.

  4. Now try and find the ∆H for the following equation using the ∆H combustion values in table 12 of your data booklet.C(s) + 2H2(g)  —> CH4(g)

That should keep you busy until I get back!  See you then!

The Language of Science

There are a lot of terms that have one meaning in general use and another meaning in science. This article by Tia Ghose and LiveScience,  points out seven such words.

hypothesis         law      skeptic      

theory       natural      model   



are all mentioned.

Do you know how to use these words properly in science?  What about these words…

weight        heat         temperature