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Grade 7A and 7B – Cover work for February 9 and 11

Hello Grade 7!

Here is what you need to complete during Monday’s double period.

  1. Log in to BrainPop using the nine dots!
  2. Watch the BrainPop Video on the “Digestive System”
    Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 7.28.53 PM
  3. Take the quiz and submit results to me on a spreadsheet!  You need to get at least 8/10 before going to the next activity.
  4. After you have become an expert on the digestive system, choose the “Make-a-map” option.
    Screen Shot 2015 02 04 at 6.19.36 PM
  5. Arrange the images in the correct order and label them to make a map of how the digestive system works.You do not need to include every image and every keyword in your diagram.  Just use the ones that make sense to you.Here is an example of the concept map I began.  You could start yours like mine or choose to do it totally differently.
    Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 6.29.32 PM
  6. Save your finished map and submit to teacher.
  7. Finished?  Need more?  Watch the movie below.
  8. Read pg 8 of Spotlight Science 8.
  9. In your notebook, put the heading Digestion.
  10. Answer question 1 in your notebook.


7A(nimals)  –  Here is what you need to complete on Wednesday’s double period.

  1. Log on to BrainPop using the nine dots.
  2. Watch the video “Nutrition”
    Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 7.26.40 PM
  3. Take the quiz and send the results to me via a spreadsheet.  You need to get at least 8/10 before you proceed to the next step.
  4. Investigate a diet.

    Many people choose different diets for different reasons.  For example, some people are allergic to certain foods.  Some people don’t eat certain foods for ethical reasons.  These people still need to eat a balanced diet.

    Investigate one of the following diets:
    a)  Vegan
    b)  Vegetarian
    c)  Celiac
    d)  Lactose intolerant
    e)  Diabetic

    Answer the questions based on the diet you choose to investigate.
    a)  What foods are excluded (not eaten) on this diet?
    b)  What nutrients are these foods (in part a) a major source of?
    c)  Give a suggestion for what foods could be eaten instead of those in part a) so that people on this diet would still have a balanced diet.

  5. Finished?  Need more to do?  Explore BrainPop for other videos on digestion and nutrition.  If you find a good one, share it with the class!