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Human Reproduction Recap

The aim of today’s lesson is to recall and revisit what you learnt in grade 6 science about human reproduction.  You will need to understand the human reproductive system in order to participate in future tutor lessons.

Part 1 – What’s the word?

  1. In table groups, make a telling frame™ with all the science vocabulary connected with the human reproductive systems, both male and female that you learnt last year.  It doesn’t matter if you can’t remember what the different words mean exactly.
  2. Label these two diagrams with the words you had in the telling frame™.
    What words did you have left over?
    Were there any parts you couldn’t label?
  3. Discuss with your table group what the function of each structure is.  Circle any parts you aren’t sure about.
  4. Your teacher will now discuss with the class any parts or functions you are unsure of.

Part 2 – The story of fertilisation

  1. On an A3 piece of paper, make a sequencing frame™ that begins with the sperm maturing in the testes to a zygote (fertilised egg) arriving in the uterus.  Use as much of the vocabulary from part 1 as you can.
  2. Photograph your group’s finished product and upload it to the google classroom for tutor.



Freedom of Expression Project – Week 1

Welcome to the Freedom of Expression Project!  Before we get started a couple of notes…
Freedom of Expression
Each week, you will be asked to submit questions or vote on issues by a deadline!  As you are working with people in other countries, you must stick to these deadlines!

You will be discussing issues online.  That means you need to observe the internet etiquette that we already are familiar with at YIS.

In tutor class this week, you need to do the following.  For each step, I’ve given you how long you should spend on it.  Don’t spend the whole period creating a profile and then find you have to do the rest of the lesson at home!  Now let’s get started!

#1  Login and Create Your Profile – 5 minutes

You should have been sent an email with your login and password details for Nodebook. This is the platform you will use to work with students from all over the world.  Problems with logging on, please come and see me.

#2  Watch the video – 10 minutes

Watch the video with your group in tutor.  There is a discussion question at the end and you can talk about that with your group.

#3  Questionnaire – 5 minutes

Fill out the baseline questionnaire.  This is just to see what you already know about the issue.

#4  Case Studies – 15 minutes

There are two short case studies.  You need to read both of them and then post a question or response in your team’s online discussion.

#5  Word Map – 5 minutes

Individually, think of 9 words that could go on the word map for your team and post them.

Homework – 15 minutes

Work individually to come up with three questions about Freedom of Expression that you are interested in finding the answers to.  You need to submit them by the deadline posted on Nodebook.

After the deadline has passed, you will see everyone’s questions and you have to vote on the three most interesting questions.  They could be yours or someone else’s.  Check the deadline for the vote!

Spend 5 minutes putting and entry into your learning log for week 1.