March 5

Listening to Stories

Listening to Stories:

Parents have always known that reading aloud to children is important. Simply put, reading aloud to children gives them a head start on success in school. This is from Jim Trelease’s book The Read-Aloud Handbook:

“If a child has never heard the word, the child will never say the word; and if you have neither heard it nor said it, it’s pretty tough to read it and to write it.”

Parents are encouraged to read to elementary children daily. This includes children who can read by themselves. It also includes reading to children in the language(s) used at home.

Some parents are concerned their child does not hear English-language books read to them at home. Please use the YIS library, which has a collection of audio books that include a CD. Or access one of these websites for a collection of stories:

Enjoy these e-books in English and remember to read in your first language, too!

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