August 15

Learning Support at YIS

Welcome to the Learning Support blog, focusing on resources and information for parents and staff. Please apply the information found here that best supports the needs of your child.The blog features articles, videos, links to useful websites and lots more!

We are a team of  four in the Learning Support department. Mary Lang (, Elaine Yandeau (, Matt Barker ( and Srishti Vaswani ( Mary is the Elementary learning support teacher. Elaine is  a certified Speech and Language Pathologist and works across the Elementary, Middle and High School. Matt works across the Elementary, Middle and High School. Srishti is the LS Team Leader and also an Educational Psychologist. We work collaboratively with parents, YIS teachers, counsellors, English as an Additional Language (EAL) teachers and administration to ensure our students feel successful and included in every way possible.

We hope you explore our blog to access information and resources that may help you, your child or other individuals with any learning need. The information provided in all the pages is not intended to obtain a diagnosis but to have access to information and to gain a better understanding of child development and mental health.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions, concerns or information.

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