Choc Peanut Butter Treats

Shared by Madeleine Cox

* The measurements are approximate – just do the cooking ‘by eye’ and test the mixture at different stages.
– Small knob of butter or splash of oil
– 400g – 500g jar Peanut butter
– 100g bars dark chocolate, melted
– About 200g bag icing sugar, sieved
– 3 big handfuls of crunchy cereal (e.g. Rice Krispies)
You will also need mini muffin cases* and a tray / tupperware

1. Melt the chocolate in a pyrex bowl above boiling water. Put to one side. Heat butter or oil. Add peanut butter and mix together. Stir in icing sugar gradually and mix well, tasting to check sweetness. Finally, add the cereal and mix well.
2. Add a blob of mixture to each muffin case. Add a blob of the melted chocolate to the top of each and refrigerate on a tray or in a plastic tub overnight.
*Alternative: spread the entire mixture over a non-stick tray or pyrex dish (round or oblong). Allow to cool a little then layer chocolate evenly on top.

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