PLAY! The future depends on it…


Amongst educators, there is always much discussion about the importance of play in a child’s life, both at school and outside the school gate. The role of play in child development has long been a critical component of the development of learning in young children. But as children move into the higher grades, more importance is placed on time for academics, with less time to ‘play’.

When was the last time you actually ‘played’? As adults, we may not see the importance of play in our daily lives. But it could be the answer to society’s ever growing concern of depression and stress-related illnesses.

SERIOUSLY! is a creative documentary about the power of play to generate and restore health and sanity to our world. It reveals how foundational play is to every area of life. The film also showcases perspectives from psychologists, neuroscientists, cosmologists, biologists, artists, healers, activists, spiritual teachers, clowns, business leaders, a qigong master, a Yoruba priestess, and a talking parrot, making a serious case for the value of play.

Visit the website for more information Seriously! The future depends on PLAY! and be sure to make some time for your own play too!