Parent Technology & Literacy Coffee Morning: Staying Organized

Thank you to our wonderful parents for attending another Parent Technology & Literacy Coffee Morning today! We focused on tools and strategies for helping students get and stay organized.

To kick things off, we discussed some successful strategies that parents have used at home:

  • Set a specific time for homework (2 hours is more than enough) – parent monitors
  • Organization is individual – different things work for different people – it’s good to experience different styles of organization to see what works best for you
  • Discuss how much time HW will take and plan backwards (together) from bedtime – works for individual deadlines, and also long term deadlines

Here at school, we use a variety of tools to help support these kind of structures at home (and to develop new strategies that take advantage of our CLC), most importantly Google Apps. Here’s an introduction to what Google Apps can do.

Using Google Apps for Education, we can:

  • Share documents (like assignment sheets and rubrics) with students and parents, and make changes and updates that are immediately visible to everyone.
  • Have students create a homework calendar and share that calendar with their parents, so everyone can keep track of deadlines. Each homework assignment can also have several different kinds of automatic reminders (by e-mail or pop-up)
  • Create presentations (and all sorts of documents) collaboratively with groups of students, or students and teachers.
  • Invite students to events, which automatically appear on their calendar.
  • Keep ongoing track of student learning through the revision history in Google Docs, Presentations and Spreadsheets, allowing teachers and parents to see exactly what has been done and when.

Here’s why Google Drive is so powerful:

There are so many options with Google Apps for Education, and we are regularly expanding our uses to be even more productive and organized. We recommend that parents create their own free Gmail account so they can have access to all of these tools as well.

Our topic for next month is:

Embracing Creativity: Dec 5 from 9:15 – 10:15 in the Cafeteria

Although technology is great for being productive, we also highlight the use of technology tools to promote creativity, collaboration and communication. This session will feature new creative uses of technology along with ideas for how to support your child’s creativity at home. We hope you will join us!