Parent Technology Coffee Morning: Creativity

We had another great discussion in our Parent Technology Coffee Morning today! Our theme was creativity (and technology), and we started off discussing ways that we see ourselves, our students, and others expressing themselves creatively through the use of technology. A few initial ideas:

  • Students in grade 7 are collaborating in a game called Minecraft to build historical buildings and create worlds. Using the game, they’re able to create any kind of structure they can image and they’re collaborating with each other to do it. This is actually a school project that Mr. Guenther and Ms. Madrid are working on in Humanities. Hopefully, Mr. Guenther will be able to come to another session to present his Pecha Kucha presentation called “What I learned from video games” (that was first presented at this year’s BTG).
  • Students are composing music digitally, creating soundtracks and exploring digitally created music as a way to build composition skills.
  • Students in grade 6 are using their blogs to share their passions, and creativity, like writing short stories, sharing about trains, insects, Apple product reviews, and sports updates (as a few examples).

After this discussion, we watched one of my favorite videos (for adults, as there are a few very short scenes with inappropriate language for students) about the way that the intersection of art and technology is providing great opportunities for consumers to also be producers. This is one in the series of mini-documentaries, called Off Book, by PBS:

Watching this video prompted a great discussion about the ways we can be creative, and how technology enables us to reach a much wider audience and interact with other creators around the world. Talking about this video also prompted us to watch one more, this one is a series by Kirby Ferguson, called Everything is a Remix. We watched Part 1: The Song Remains the Same:

Everything is a Remix Part 1 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

This was a great conversation starter, but unfortunately we ran out of time. We’ll come back to this series next semester, so please join us next time for our session on Connectedness on Jan 9 from 9:15 – 10:15 in the Cafeteria: With the Flat Classroom Conference coming up soon here at YIS, this session will highlight some of the ways that students (and teachers) stay connected and why those connections are so important. From Twitter to Instagram to Facebook, many people in our community are sharing, collaborating and communicating in a variety of contexts. Come to this session to find out why!