Parent Tech Coffee Morning: Mobile Learning

This month’s topic has been suggested by parents. As requested, we talked about mobile and wearable devices:

  • What’s so powerful about mobile devices (including iPads)?
  • Why do we have them at YIS?
  • How do they reflect society’s use of technology?
  • What might we see in the future?

We started out with a glimpse of what mobile learning looks like at YIS. We are in the midst of our 2:1 iPad Trial in Grade 7, where all students have both an iPad min and a MacBook Air 11″. In order to get an idea of how things are going, we created a mini-documentary featuring our own YIS students and teachers:

After watching the video we talked about the difference between a laptop and a mobile device, and the kinds of things we can do now that technology is becoming more and more mobile.

A few highlights were:

  • Being able to use devices in different places with ease – students feel more comfortable using their iPad on a train, rather than a laptop, for example.
  • Different devices work well for different types of things. Laptops are great for lots of writing and heavy work that requires multiple apps or tabs open. iPads are great for interactive things, creative things, or even just reading. The form really matches the function.
  • Being able to use different kinds of devices helps us be more creative. There are many different ways to do things that we can now explore.

Some of the challenges are:

  • More access to more devices often means more time on devices. We have to manage this in the same way that we manage other “traditional” behaviors that we might want to change. If students┬áspending too much time online, that means they may need a little bit of help making better choices. Lots of strategies can be found here.
  • As a society we’re not quite sure where and how mobile devices will take us. Technology is constantly changing and we are still learning how to deal with them.

To get a better idea of where we might be going, we watched this video:

Although some of these ideas seem far off and challenging, it’s good to think about what might be on the horizon!

Thanks to those parents who joined us this morning! Looking forward to our next session!