Why Google?

A few great resources about Google:

Get Going with Google Apps in Your School by Lisa Nielson

As many teachers know, Google Apps Education Edition is a free suite of hosted communication & collaboration applications designed for schools and universities. Here are Lisa’s top tips for getting started.

100 Ways Google Can Make You a Better Educator

From the post:

We all know that Google offers a great search program, and you might even use other apps like Gmail or Google Calendar, but have you realized what Google has to offer for educators and students? Using Sites, Google Earth, Wave, and more, you can turn your classroom into a place where you can share, collaborate, and publish on the world wide web. Read on to find out how you can put Google to work for your class.

Who Owns Your Data? by Lisa Thumann

Lisa is a Google Certified Teacher and an all-around Google Apps Guru. She put together some great resources on data ownership and privacy for Google Apps schools (like us).

Hey, Mathletes: Google Docs Adds Support for Equations from Mashable.com

Google announced some nifty updates to Google Docs today, focused on students as they get back to their books and into the classroom. The document collaboration tool now supports equation notation, superscript, subscript, and language translations.

And a few great Google search tips:

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