Awesome New Blogs Feature: Custom Menus

With the recent upgrade on our campus blog site we now have access to an awesome new feature: custom menus. This will allow you to add a menu bar to any blog theme (even if it doesn’t have one already), and you can customize the menu to include any features you want, including:

  • Pages
  • Categories
  • Links to other websites

Plus, you can organize them however you want – so you can now alphabetize them, “nest” pages or categories or links under other pages, categories or links, and even mix and match pages with categories. Basically, this will allow you to set up your blog exactly the way you want with almost no restrictions!

If you’d like to see how it can look, check out Jesse, Isabelle, Adam, Madeleine, Dale‘sĀ blogs.

Edublogs has posted a tutorial about how to set this up following exactly the same way we suggest you manage your blog. Give it a try, or stop by the IT office for in person support. I promise you will love it!

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