Digital Citizenship Week Coming Up!

As part of our Connected Learning Community, we are highlighting the importance of balance, safety and responsible behavior online (generally called “Digital Citizenship“).

Great lesson w/gr 6 today in prep for Digital Citizenship Week!

One of the ways that we are bringing attention to these ideas is through our new Digital Citizenship Week, taking place 16 Р20 April. Each day will have a theme:

  • Monday: Balance
  • Tuesday: Safety
  • Wednesday: Behavior
  • Thursday: Reflection
  • Friday: Possibilities

During the week we will have a variety of activities, including short conversation starters each morning in tutor group, a specialized tutor lesson for the week, and extended sessions with each of the middle school grade levels, all culminating in our MS Assembly on Friday morning. For more details, see the MS Digital Citizenship Week Overview document.

Digital Citizenship Week is intended to enhance and support our current Digital Citizenship curriculum, currently taught in Humanities: Digital Dragons. We’ll be highlighting these themes again at the end of the year with a special visit from Robyn Treyvaud, amazing speaker and leading expert on citizenship.

We hope this week will give our students a chance to think about the choices they make, and to reflect on the impact of our first year of the Connected Learning Community.

Conversations during every class to support the themes of balance, safety and responsible behavior online during the week (and beyond) would be a great way to help build these important understandings.

3 thoughts on “Digital Citizenship Week Coming Up!

  1. It’s comforting to see the normal white board still has relevancy in our digital world. I have one in my office to and I find it to be just a great brain storming tool.

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  3. Looks like a great week ahead. I’m looking forward to following your activities during Digital Citizenship week, Kim. Not sure if this would ever happen in our school but I’m happy to try. Even a couple of days would be fun.

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