Learning Together at Learning 2.011 in Shanghai

YIS was well represented at the Learning 2.011 Conference Conference in Shanghai! We were very fortunate to have Zoe, Elif, Rebekah, Brian, Trevor and Kim at the conference, sharing the fantastic work that we’re doing here and learning from others. Archive of all the tweets from the conference.

Here are a few highlights from the conference from our YIS representatives:


Shanghai gave me the opportunity to learn with other K-2 teachers in a special cohort. Here is an outstanding site of free image resources shared by my cohort chair, Gail Lovely: Let Pictures Talk DO NOT be put off by this description. Her tools and sites could be used by many ages. This could help K to middle school at least. Her advice on copyright etc is valuable K-12. From the school perspective I have many tools to share and ways of intergrating technology. I have made connections K-12 that could help anyone. If you need a contact I bet I can find you one.


Learning 2.011 in Shanghai has been a whirlwind weekend of fantastic resourcesnetworking, and thinking about the role that technology plays in education. I was fortunate to attend the conference with several of my colleagues, but have also gained tremendously from the wider network that collaborated and shared what they’re doing at their schools. The greatest benefit of Learning 2.011 (and really any other conference that I’ve been to) came from people actively collaborating and sharing tools, ideas, and strategies that have worked well for them. Read more about Brian’s thoughts on his blog post: Learning 2.011, Creative Commons, and Connections with Kindergarten


For me, the Learning2.0 conference was about connecting with others and building a community of educators.  There were dozen of tools that I was exposed to on this conference.  I learned how to manage Google Apps and methods for creating a paperless classroom.  I  worked on digital storytelling in my Social Studies/English cohort using Picnik and Soundcloud .  But I also learned about the Creative Commons community, which shares resources my students can use without fear of breaking copyright laws and how my students could contribute to that community. I heard how schools were skyping with schools in far away countries, showings students making connections across the globe. I talked to people at other schools who were doing similar things in their humanities classroom and who I hope to continue to collaborate with in the future.  I met people I communicate with on Twitter and strengthened relationships with people who are interested in 21st Century learning.  For me, Learning 2.0 reinforced the idea that technology in the classroom isn’t just how to use the tools, but more importantly the connections these tools help us create.


It’s hard to believe another Learning 2.0 conference has come and gone. Yet again, the organizers created an innovative and engaging learning environment. It’s fantastic to watch how this conference has evolved from year to year, and just continues to get better and better. Personally, I thought this year was the best yet. Read more on Kim’s blog


Attending the Learning 2.011 Conference in Shanghai was a great opportunity for me to meet the other Elementary ICT facilitators and make connections with many teachers and professionals on educational technology from all around the world. I was in the cohort of ‘ Empowering Teachers’ with Alec Couros and Jeff Utrecht. I had a great time sharing my experiences and collaborating with my peers. I gathered a lot of tips and tricks in integrating technology in schools. I have seen different practices and implementations that inspired me and gave me a lot of ideas.

Apart from attending my cohort meetings during the two days, I attended many workshops. I have attended an unconference about unplugging, a workshop on flattening classrooms, one on digital publishing and one on film making. In Elementary School digital storytelling has a big place and I have integrated animation projects in classes, sometimes using iMovie, Keynote, Photobooth,etc. In this workshop I had the chance to get more detailed lesson plans on filmmaking and a new editing tool; Final Cut Pro X. The workshop was run by Eric Pessoa who is the IB Film teacher in SCIS. He filled us in with his extensive knowledge on movie making. He walked us through step by step his IB Film class. You can find the details of his presentation and useful documents about his practice here.

It was a great opportunity to travel abroad and attend the conference with my colleagues Brian Farrell, Kim Cofino, Rebekah Madrid, Trevor Kew and Zoe Page. In between workshops and cohorts we met and had great discussions about the integration of technology in our school. Moreover being there as a group of teachers presenting YIS was a great experience. Seeing our teachers presenting, discussing and sharing showed me how successfully we integrate technology in our school. The presence of YIS was a great addition to the conference.


As always with conferences, the most valuable thing I’ve come away with is a sense of camaraderie. Many other teachers are struggling with the whys and hows of how to integrate technology into their lessons and so more than any tip or contact or tech tool, this sense of collective struggle did somehow provide me with a much-needed professional push. Although it may be schadenfreude, I was reassured by the struggles of fellow professionals. I’ve found the same at the children’s writing conferences I attend, surrounded by other writiers. My father says the same about law conferences, despite being surrounded by lawyers. Same job, same boat, (same iceberg). Read more on Trevor’s blog… or click here for a link to the webpage with useful tools and practical suggestions for integrating technology into lessons.

More Learning from Learning 2.011

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Technology PD Opportunities for the 2011 – 2012 School Year

Ready for more technology-related PD? There are a number of excellent opportunities scheduled for the 2011 – 2012 school year, both here at YIS and around the Asia region. Here are a few highly recommended conferences and workshops:

ADE Institute, Tokyo, Japan: August 10-12, 2011

Becoming an Apple Distinguished Educator is a great way to stay connected with other like-minded educators. Not only will you be a part of the local Japan network, but you will be connected to all of the other ADEs around the world – a very active, supportive and innovative group. Plus you get free software 😉

Learning 2.011 Conference, Shanghai, China: September 8 – 10

This will be the fourth Learning 2.0 conference it gets better and better every year! This year’s conference will follow a cohort format (participants will join cohorts based on subject-area taught), focusing on practical, hands-on and subject-based sessions. Cohort leaders are from around Asia, North America and Australia – an amazing group, just like last year. This is the conference to attend if you want to see what other schools in Asia are doing with technology, network with like-minded teachers, and be inspired by the leading minds in educational technology.

Certificate of Educational Technology and Information Literacy, hosted at YIS, starting in September 2011

Interested in a hands-on, practical and forward-thinking educational technology certificate program hosted at YIS? Ready to get connected with other like-minded educators around the world? Then the COETAIL program is for you! COETAIL is a 5-course (15-credit) certificate program designed by, and for, international school teachers interested in developing their technology skills in an authentic, project-based environment. All courses include specific skills and concepts essential for the 1:1 classroom – including blogging, understanding copyright and Creative Commons, digital storytelling, and building a personal learning network. Each class includes time to develop technology-rich projects to implement in your classroom. This cohort will be taught by YIS teachers: Kim Cofino, Adam Clark, Brian Farrell, Frank Curkovic, and Rebekah Madrid.

The Networked Educator, Weekend Workshop with Chris Betcher, hosted at YIS: September 17 – 18

Would you like to learn from a network of like-minded educators in your field – anytime, anywhere – for free? Building, developing and maintaining a personal learning network can have a profound impact on your teaching, make connections you never thought were possible, and prepare you for the rapidly changing future of learning. Unleash the power of networked learning in your classroom!

Participants will explore new and innovative technologies, current research, and evidence about networked learning through engaging collaborative activities. Examples of networked learning “in action” using tools like Twitter, RSS, podcasts, blogs, and Diigo will also be shared in this hands-on, project-based, weekend workshop.

Featuring the amazing and inspirational classroom practitioner, Chris Betcher, all the way from Sydney, Australia, this workshop will focus on practical ways to utilize a wide variety of free technology tools to develop a personal learning network that will transform your professional practice and open your eyes to new possibilities in the classroom!

Authentic Assessment and Digital Media in the Classroom, Weekend Workshop with Andrew Churches, hosted at YIS: February 4 – 5, 2012

A hands-on and practical 2-day workshop featuring Andrew Churches, creator of Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy. Andrew will focus on authentic use of digital media in the classroom, including visual and media literacy, effective project design, tips and tricks with a variety of technology tools (movie making, podcasting, digital storytelling) and strategies for deepening learning in your classroom.

ASB Unplugged, American School of Bombay, India: February 23 – 25, 2012

Come to ASB Un-Plugged to engage in developing and articulating a vision for a 1-to-1 learning environment. Bring a team from your school for inspiration and best practices to help you steer an intentional course.

We bring an all-in-one learning opportunity to audiences ranging from classroom teachers to technology directors and coordinators, from principals, superintendents and business managers to tech support teams. As you and your colleagues consider building a 21st century teaching and learning environment, enjoy ASB Un-Plugged 2012’s learning and networking opportunities.

ASB Un-Plugged 2012 will feature a broad spectrum of content with several concurrent strands. AND Student Showcases, Classroom Visits, Learning Institutes, Workshops, Job-Alike Sessions . . .

5 Techie Ideas for the New Year

Just in case you’re looking to make any tech-related New Year’s Resolutions, here are a few ideas and articles that have caught my eye over the past few weeks. If you have more suggestions, please share them in the comments!

To get us started, here’s an RSA Animate video of Sir Ken Robinson’s Changing Education Paradigms speech:

1. Embrace Educational Networking: Try using different social networking tools like Twitter or blogs to connect with other educators around the world – both for your own learning, and for your classes.

2. Rethink Homework: Alan shared lots of reasons for us to start thinking about homework and classwork differently, here are a few other thought-provoking ideas.

3. Prioritize Digital Citizenship: How often do we use images found online without citing the source? Do we allow our students to do the same? Can we make better use of Creative Commons media? When do we talk about appropriate, safe and respectful online behavior?

4. Connect & Collaborate: Flatten your classroom walls by encouraging students to share and collaborate in online spaces.

5. Explore Blended Learning: Take advantage of technology tools to extend learning beyond your classroom lesson. The future of teaching and learning includes learning online – get a head start here!

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And one last thought-provoking video…