Laptop Cart Guidelines

When using the YIS laptop carts, please be careful to follow the following guidelines. This will help make all our lives easier.

  1. Book the cart using the online calendar in First Class.
  2. If the laptop cart is on your floor move the cart to your room. Get your students to do this for you.
  3. If you are using a cart on a different floor it is your responsibility to check that all laptops have been returned and are plugged in, and the cart is locked.
  4. The carts keys are for your use. Please do not share them with students.

What to do at the end of your lesson.

  1. Check that all laptops have been returned to the cart.
  2. Check that all laptops are plugged in ready to charge.
  3. Lock the cart.
  4. If you (your students) return the cart to the end of the hall, plug it into the wall.

We know that there are not enough laptops and that this causes frustration. We know you are busy. By following these simple guidelines you are being respectful of your colleagues in a way that you hope they are respectful of you.

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