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I was never much of a writer in my youth. However as time goes by, my passion for literature bloomed.
Now I, as a passionate writer, decided to present some of my work to the public.

My favorite genre of literature is horrific-fiction. Books like the shining and It. The reason why I like horrific-fiction is because of the skill needed to make a literature scary and thrilling is extremely hard.
My favorite book is the “IT” by Stephen King, although Stephen King is not my favorite author.

Someday I would like to be able to write descriptive literature just like how Stephen King or Edgar Allan Poe write.


10 THINGS TO PROVE THAT YOU BEEN AT YIS FOR TOO LONG – A comedic attempt to show the sad truth about being in YIS for too long

Let there be light – A poem that discusses the problems with kids and how their childhood changed from back in the good old days.  

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