10 things to prove that you been at YIS for too long


  1. You remember when the two math classes under the loft was the drama room. (But There still is plenty of drama in my math class)
  2. Before Zest, there was Cezar Kitchen (But no Caesar salad)
  3.    You remember when the yellow play area did not exist.
  4. You used FirstClass Mail (The name is FirstClass, but I can assure you the service was not)
  5. You remember where the old library was (But now it is full of third graders instead of books)
  6. We all used the iBook G4 (It is a fatter, whiter computer with a lot of money in the bank. It is like the Rob Ford of computers)
  7. Paper Report card (It was easier to hide report cards from parents back then)
    Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 8.31.01 PM
  8. The turf we have used to be a parking lot (Is it just me, but how did cars get up there?)
  9. The Time our lockers did not have locks (yeah ironic right)
    first day of school 2015-16 YIS-7966-XL
  10. You remember the three large trees we had on the playground (WHY did we ever have these trees on the playground!)

Written by: Jacob, Grade 11 (regular contributor)

3 thoughts on “10 things to prove that you been at YIS for too long

  1. Well, I don’t remember any of those things so I guess I can stay a while longer!

  2. I remember we used to operate a Public Car Park on Sundays on the playground – we made a lot of money. It was in the 1970’s though…..

  3. I remember all of those things and Jake too, although he was a lot younger. Not at YIS anymore but sure miss it.

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