Trump vs Clinton: The next president

29931578881_eaa23c69e2_qThe first presidential debate of 2016 took place on Tuesday September 27th. Looking back on this debate played, we see how it played an important role in determining who could be the next president of the United States. The United States presidential election is scheduled to take place on November 8, 2016, and the entire world focused on what happened at the first debate.

The presidential debate is where the two final candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, come together to debate on six major topics, about 15 minutes each, that the moderator (Lester Holt) has selected, giving each candidate two minutes to respond and time for the candidates to respond to each other. The six main topics were on achieving prosperity, taxes, America’s direction and problems on race, securing America, and nuclear weapons

30648676192_313364eb99_qThe presidential debate c29273256122_d39aa27603_qovered controversial points such as Clinton’s email scandal and how Trump seemingly did not pay his federal taxes, and his false claim of President Obama not being a natural-born citizen. Trump’s ideas on how Clinton does not have the ‘presidential look’ and the ‘stamina’ to be president also took over the internet.This debate grabbed the attention of people all over the world, especially over social media such as twitter.

These are some highlights that were brought into attention:


The full debate can be viewed here.



To get a local insight into this debate, opinions on the presidential debate and the candidates have been asked to YIS students.  “When Donald Trump came to Utah, he said ‘I love Mormons, I’m practically Mormon’ which was really surprising, but in the end I’m not very interested in who becomes president since I’m going to be living in Japan”, says Grade 11, Spencer.

“I thought that Donald Trump could have been smart in his phrasing and his use of the word ‘lies’. While I don’t particularly support Hillary Clinton, she proved to be excellent at handling disagreements. Not only that, but Donald Trump essentially destroyed his connection with the 79 percent of the people who support paying taxes. In the event of Donald Trump being elected president, I highly doubt that his inability to control his mouth will come to the aid of the United States and its citizens,” says Joe, also from 11th grade, on the debate.

This debate was one of the important factors that determined who the next president of the United States of America will be, which will be decided in November.

Lia M, Grade 11, Regular Contributor

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