The Writers Are Lying To You

Writers are lying to you
When they describe love as
Fireworks exploding in every corner of your body when you first lock eyes
Butterflies fluttering around your stomach as he leans down to kiss you for the first time
Long walks on the beach, baking in a dimly lit kitchen
365 love letters, jumping into his arms
Heart skipping a beat when you find his face in a crowded room

What they don’t tell you is
That rather than fireworks and love at first sight
There is a certain familiarity that comes with the person you will grow to love
Rather than kissing in the rain or cooking at midnight
Sometimes it’s sitting on the couch for hours
Incandescent nights that end in conflict
Green bubbles on screens instead of pen and paper
Saccharine music an anthem for anxiety and jealousy instead of admiration and trust
They don’t tell you that love is a mess

Writers are lying to you
When they describe heartbreak as
A single teardrop rolling down your cheek as you listen to spiteful melodies
Leaning into a friend’s arms and letting out a deep sigh
Watching a romantic comedy with a bowl of ice cream in your hands
Burning letters and falling on the ground with mascara running down your face

What they don’t tell you is
That heartbreak is breaking down in the middle of a busy sidewalk
Choking on memories and the feeling of suffocation threatening to knock you over
Hands shaking, heart aching
Feeling okay for days but suddenly being attacked by another painful recollection
Crying out in the dark because you’re broken
They don’t tell you that heartbreak is not beautiful

Writers are lying to you
When they tell you it all gets better
His face is never once brought to mind as you forget and move on
He watches you fall in love with another and he realises that he lost you
The wound in your stomach never twists
A familiar beat never makes your breath hitch

What they don’t tell you is
You’ll see the creases of his smile in this new boy’s face
You’ll feel for his calluses in this new boy’s hands
You’ll wait for days gazing at a screen waiting for something
But it stays black, staring up at you as if it is mocking you
They don’t tell you that healing is exhausting and painful

Writers aren’t lying to you
Because sometimes,
Love, Heartbreak, and Recovery
Is just as beautiful as they tell you it’ll be

What you have to admit is that
the writers were only lying to you
because you were lying
to yourself

Helena O, Grade 10, Regular Contributor

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