Listen Up


I hate looking at the news.
Listening to the cries of others
children and adults crying for mercy.
It hurts me to think that someone in this world is being hated
Just because of the color of their skin.

Why can’t you let them be?
What is the difference between you and me?
Let them walk in the streets in peace
or ride a car without being harmed
Why is history repeating itself
when all we need to see is change?


Nothing will be resolved if crimes strike every day
when someone with richer skin are disturbed from their daily lives.
Why are police officers not listening to screams
of others that lost the most important people in their lives?

The rain from the mother’s eyes
and the wine-red stain on the son’s white shirt
not enough to convince you that it’s about time?
This war has been going on for too long.
It’s time to finally see the change people wish to see.


Dear reader,

I am sorry that I am not able to experience the pain you are currently feeling. I will never be able to understand how it feels like to be a target for the police even though I did nothing wrong. How it feels to be assaulted and pushed to the hard gravel ground. Blood dripping down my face and praying to God for help. I will try to help, but till then, stay safe.

Yours truly,

Akari N, Grade 12, Regular Contributor

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