The 1%

15 Carat Diamonds accessorized with the finest silk dress ever see by man.

This is the life of the upper class.

The men would stride hazed in their own coolness, talking to other men with a glass of the finest cognac, firmly gripped with their left hand, gracefully standing in their 30,000 dollar body armor made out of the finest cloth for a suit. The conversation of their work whispers out of their mouth to the nearest ear. Of course, the riches men will only talk about money. Almost every man in the room, accessorized with a Cuban cigar in their mouth, the scent of wealth fuming out of the tips of their cigar clouded up the room.

The women are completely different from the men. They were not cool or with composure, they were just loose; gulping down bottles of Champaign one after another. Being drunk could not compensate for the amount of alcohol these tiny size 0 women will chug.

I was there, well as a cater waiter. my first job for a “upper-class” party. You always see it on the T.V. like the extravagant lives of the rich or something like that, but it’s different, watching it on the screen and actually being there to witness it in person. On the screen their just people living in a different world, but here, witnessing their lives, it was me hope that someday I’ll be on the other side.

At that moment I knew. I knew this is where I need to be. Whatever it takes. I knew, the only way to join them is to now their secrets. I decided to approach one of the men. One man caught my attention. He was 6’2 maybe 6’3, well he was tall. His hair was a perfect silver grey color, short but not too short, not even one hair follicle was out of place. His suit, dark navy, perfectly fitted. His tie was bright pink, a color that calls a lot of attention, like a baboon’s ass. His posture was straight as an arrow. His right hand gripping his suit right under his pocket square.

Just by looking at him, without hearing anything he had to say about himself. I can visualize the utterly enormous wealth this man possess.

I had no clue what I was going to say to him. All I knew was I needed his attention and just one minute of his time. I started to walk towards him. Slow and steady. I took a step forward. Each step, heavy and slow. I finally became close enough to approach him. A passive aggressive cough echoed from the top of my throat, which caught his attention, “excuse me sir” I whispered to his closest ear. His head slowly turned. His bright ocean blue eye stared straight down into my eyes, a strong stare which almost feels like he is staring into my soul. He opened his mouth and said…

Jake S, Grade 12, Regular Contributor

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