Tidal Wave

In a small town near the ocean, there was a maiden called “Mikaera”. She had pure bluish-green eyes, just like the colour of the ocean in that town. She lived in a castle, which had a rugged exterior but the inside was luxurious. She was the daughter of Gumiria Fleejes and Kiel Fleejes; but her parents passed away from infection when Mikaera was very young, so she didn’t remember what they looked like. Her mother’s siblings fostered her after that. However, Mikaera missed her parents; and she couldn’t stand the sight of families laughing and playing together, as it reminded her of a life that was stolen from her. It was just so stressful when she saw, for example, a little child holding hands with his mother. When the melancholy struck her most, she holed herself up her room for days.

Mikaera’s aunt eventually talked to her, and suggested she go for a walk near the ocean. While Mikaera was walking on the sand, she noticed pieces of glass strewn about. She reckoned that drunkards had had a ball near the ocean and decided to leave the remains of their parties. Mikaera started to pick the pieces up before anyone could possibly hurt themselves. While she was doing this, she saw someone standing in the distance. Mikaera raised her head to get a proper look at the stranger, and that was when the stranger turned his face to her. Mikaera, at once smitten with the handsome man, hesitated, not knowing what to do. In the next moment, Mikaera blushed and ran away. While making double-time across the sand, Mikaera muttered,

“I should have asked for his name at least…”

The next day, Mikaera set out for the ocean again with a heart full of hope. She came to the exact same spot where she had met the boy. However, there was no sign of him. Mikaera thought that it must be timing. She realised that she had come around during the evening.

Mikaera snuck out of her house. It was late, but she couldn’t afford to care about curfew. She had known how long it would take to reach the ocean beforehand, and walked the road by twilight. When she reached the ocean, she was met with a shocking scene. The target boy was with a girl. The girl was blond and had turquoise-coloured eyes. After Mikaera saw the boy giving the girl a seashell necklace, she was put in a state of shock. Mikaera went home, and she was so enraged she wasn’t able to control herself. There was a huge disaster in her room, with her mirror broken in pieces, her table and chair turned upside-down, the walls scratched and peeling; Mikaera had shut herself in her room again.

One day, Mikaera saw the mayor of her town, and the mayor stopped in front of her castle. She called to the mayor from her room, and invited him inside. When the mayor was comfortable and the formalities had been dealt with, Mikaera cut to the chase,

“I would like to have your Crystal Ball of Endless Flooding.”

The mayor jumped at her request. Although easily cupped with one hand, if broken, the Crystal Ball would gush endless amounts of water, flooding the biggest cities with ease. What would Mikaera do with such a contraption? Mikaera continued, calm malice in her eyes….

“Every day I see families in town, laughing, leading such simple, pathetic lives. They mock me, with their naive chortles and chuckles. They tell me I can’t lead a life like theirs; they whisper how I will never be accepted into their society; they push me away, labeling me as the loner, the outsider. My aunt and uncle don’t care about me; no one cares about me; they’re too busy with their own stupid lives! No one bothers to think about me, and that I might have experienced pain far greater than anyone in the history of this dump town has! I, a superior girl, no match for a dumb blonde who has probably never done anything on her own, who has never experienced pain? Please, Mr. Mayor, let me release my hatred! Let me take my revenge! Let me show the world who I am!”

Mikaera went to the blonde’s town the next day, the mayor having consented to Mikaera’s request, telling her where to go. She held the Crystal Ball of Endless Flooding up high, and when she stood in the center of the city, she smashed it to the ground. The water came relentlessly out of it, and before the city was drowned, Mikaera was able to save herself, fleeing back to her castle.

In about an hour and a half, the “tidal wave” which Mikaera created had destroyed every bit of the blonde’s home. Residents who lived with the blonde were victims as well.

Mikaera’s crystal-flooding incident caused a huge tumult over all the towns in the nation. Mikaera was eventually caught, but the memories of loved ones in the blonde’s town never faded, including the boy’s memories of the girl. Mikaera may have had a chance before, but now all enmity towards her was absolute. And that is how the first tidal wave was created.

Touko M, Grade 11, Regular Contributor

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