You Must Forget Me

In response to the poem If You Forget Me by Pablo Neruda
In english class we had a poetry salon and were asked to bring in a poem we liked. As I was looking for some poems I came across this one and even though I did not choose to bring this into the poetry salon, this poem and concept stayed with me. Writing a response to this poem gave me another opportunity to look into this.

I want you to know
one thing

I know how this is:
you tell me
that everything that exists
carries you to me.
The aromas, light, metals
and all in the world
all sail
to the isles of mine where I wait

Well now,
I need you to stop loving me
little by little

You must forget me
do not look for me
for I will have forgotten you

Even if
you believe
that you are destined for me
I will abandon you
at the shore
cut out your heart
and cast you adrift into the open ocean
for you to seek another land

if each day
each hour
I make you believe that you are destined for me
I will taste the poison in my lies
and will extinguish the white gold light of yours,
so even when you say you will wait for me
you must forget me.

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