Friendship in 2017

Poem #1

Dear friend
by any other nickname, you’d sound just as sweet

It hurts
To be apart
From you
And your love
I miss you
Your smile when I understood one of your references
Your giggle when I did something stupid
Your hugs when I was scared
We belong together
Not apart
Distance separates us
But nothing else can
Your love for me
Means everything
To me
You are perfect

People say “How can it be?”
“How can it be real?”
But we know

See you again soon
Very soon
Your internet friend


Poem #2

I’m thinking of you
I always am

Your face buried in my neck when we met
Your little tongue poking out when you giggle
The crinkles by your eyes when you smile
The tears in your eyes when we said goodbye

Your accent ringing in my ears
Your necklaces jingling when you move
Your hand in mine
Feeling the warmth

You deal with me no matter what mood
You take care of me, always
You can forever make me smile
You give me hope for the future

Your talents
The way you play the clarinet
All of the art you have done
The poems you have written

You may not be perfect
But you are perfect for me
We will meet again
And soon it’ll be

I love you forever
Goodbye for now
Best wishes,
Your internet friend


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