Black and White Nights-Hana

My nights happen in black and white. It’s like I’m in a film noir. I’m dressed in a tight grey suit with a hat that darkens my face. The light would dance around, doing the charleston on the walls. The after smell of chardonnay mixed with Cuban cigars would float across the room, exploring unknown lands. The dark black tones and the outgoing whites would clash and finally, settle on a cool grey tone. I would look up staring at the girl’s face, white, pristine and beautiful. Her eyes begging me to go on an adventure. The romantic skyline glittering in the background. Cards would be dealt and I would look up to see nothing but lies. There would be a good guy and a bad guy.
Natural Ignorance.
I would go through a traumatic experience but rise up just in time. Rise through the rubble of my sanity, with nothing but my insanity. In dark light, I’d win the girl with a opera swelling kiss, but real life is not a glittering chandelier, every story has verisimilitude.
With a flash of light, it’s gone.
Soon after dawn, everything erupts into colour. It’s all gone, my realistic dream, my never ending nightmare.
Maybe that’s what keeps me awake most nights, a desire to escap
e from the real world, maybe that’s what everyone wants but we’re too covered up in lies to say so.

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