258 YIS Magazine

Winter 2017 (Current Issue)


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Roseheart” by Sasha A (poem)
Night Symphony” by Haakon G (story)
Hues” by Margot F (story)
A Bird” by Hana E (memoir)
Peppermint Tea” by Caycee D (poem)
Vicious Reflections” by Audrey S (story)
We Are HAFU” by Lea K (interviews)
Looking” by Reiko K (poem)
The Fruit Cycle” by Duncan A (story)
Tidal Wave” by Touko M (story)
Listen Up” by Akari N (poem)
The Writers are Lying to You” by Helena O (poem)
Trump vs Clinton” by Lia M (article)
The 1%” by Jake S (story)
The Lich” by Justin C (story)
Stray” by Alex YP (poem)
Every Fall” by Emily vB (poem)
Halloween Facts Contest!” by Vivien H (contest)
Three Books to Read during Fall” by Kate M (book reviews)

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