Verona’s hottest new bride

Fashion on fleek gurl! Heart prints? Duh, love is in the air!

“Yes, it’s true that we got married”

Verona just can’t stop obsessing over the new marriage rumours lately. But we’re done with the mystery now! Juliet Capulet is here to lift the curtains…

So the party EVERYONE’S talking about, what’s it like to be the host?
Well technically it’s not my party but everyone did seem to enjoy it. Drinks, dances, we had everything! It went great! I personally had a great time too. I’ve went to many different parties, but I feel like this one was really special. Like something I’ve never experienced before…

Hmm, so something happened at the party? Could it possibly be related to that undercover Montague?
Woah, rumours really do spread quickly now. I’m surprised! Well umm…I’m just gonna say I won’t deny it.

Ohh, well that confirms a certain rumour with Romeo Montague, it’s true that you two got MARRIED?
Well, you got me there. To be honest, it was supposed to be our secret, but I think everyone knows now. And yes, it’s true that we got married. There’s really no reason why two people can’t love each other, right? I just want to let people know I married him for love and no other reason. Honestly shoutout to my nurse! I appreciate my her for being so kind to me! This marriage wouldn’t have happened without her hard work.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 2.50.44 PM
Simple beauty. Diamonds don’t matter, who cares when there’s true love?

Romeo is from the “other” family, what’d you feel when you first found out?
I mean… this obs doesn’t happen everyday. The guy you fall for is from the “enemy” family? Pretty shocking huh? Well actually, I was more worried about how others would react. All my life my parents have always been telling me that the Capulets are evil…all the bashing and stuff.. The hate is basically just out there, right?

Ugh same, growing up with strict parents, am I right?
Haha, I agree. I guess all kids can relate to this. Can’t help but feel pressured sometimes… It’s what a child is destined! They just love me in their own ways, and I respect them for that. After all, they are my only parents! I guess I’m lucky I have an amazing nurse I can rely on tho. But maybe a bit more freedom please?

What’s it like to be the daughter of the richest family in Verona?
Funny how everyone thinks I’m different from others because of fame? I’m not that different guys, I think, see, and love just like everyone else. Maybe ask my mum about this, she’ll love answering this for sure!

Soo… I guess no more with that hottie, Paris?
Oh, everyone says he’s probably the hottest guy in Verona, like any woman would be lucky to be with him. I don’t know though… He’s just not my type I guess? I don’t think I’d be able to relate to him. I mean we all have different opinions. I understand he’s attractive, but you know, the “relationship” you expect me to have with him just isn’t going to happen. So he’s single for sure, now’s your chance ladies!

Any advice for complicated relationships?
Just remember to always be with the person you really love! Nothing else matters, if it makes you happy. Others aren’t supposed to choose who you should date or marry anyways, right?