Best Speech Evaluation

Well this blog post was supposed to be posted like about few months ago so its not about a recent thing.. so yah

In drama class we made two speeches. One was about our passion and one was about our important person in my life. I thought I did a better job on the speech abput my important person in my life because I was able to speak more smoothly because we had palm cards to help us remember what to say. That made it easier. Even though I didn’t look at the audience as much as in the passion one, I thought it was better. I tried to look at the audience too. To improve, I should have put expression, spoke loudly and also clearly. I needed to practice more. I also should have changed the pitch so that it will be more exciting to listen and also change my facial expression.

This is my speech:

I thought Satono’s speech was good and here is her speech:

I thought Satono’s speech was good because she spoke in a loud and a clear voice. She spoke in a good pace too. Also it was easy to understand.