Investigate Reflection- Tutorial

In technology class, we have just finished the investigate stage about different kinds of tutorials. At the beginning of this stage, we researched on tutorials relating to a certain topic. I love minions so I chose tutorials about drawing minions! Then after that we worked on making a practice tutorial of our own. This was very helpful for me becuase by doing this, I could gather up more ideas on what I could’ve improved. Having to use this knowledge in a proper way will make it a lot easier for me to make a attracting final tutorial for the viewers. My favorite tutorial I researched on and the practice turtorial I created were both about different things but they both were full with useful ideas and some parts which were needed to be improved.

Below are the two people’s blogs that I commented on about their favorite tutorials:

Kiyoka’s Favorite Tutorial

I think her tutorial about DIY mugs was really great 😀 I learned that it’s better to use a cheaper mug rather than a expensive mug becuase it needs to have less glaze and so that the design stays sealed when it gets out from the oven. The tutorial explained each step carefully and showed us her work from different angles. It was easy to follow along, but she could’ve added some descriptions or lables to make her tutorial even more better.

Alex’s Favorite Tutorial

The favorite tutorial that Alex chose was on how to draw Dipper from the cartoon series program, “Gravity Falls”. I learned that even if you don’t put a smile on a cartoon character’s face, you can still make it cute by having the eyeballs drawn big. I liked that she described everything specifically and gave us advices on how we could make our drawing close to hers. Although it was a good tutorial, it also needed some improvements. The creator of the tutorial couldv’e made the tutorial more steady and could’ve avoided blocking the view of her drawing. This can make it hard for the viewers to see and can make them miss the important parts.

Here is the link to “My Favorite Tutorial” blog post.

On the practice tutorial, I think I did well on giving specific descriptions and lables for each slide similarly to my favorite tutorial that I chose. My practice tutorial included information that accurately and reasonably explained the steps carefully. This really makes it easier for the viewers to understand and follow along the tutorial to continue on next. I could’ve made the circles and squares clearer and stand out more so that it will be noticable on what it’s mainly circled or what it’s reffering to.

I could’ve also improved on adding more pictures and images. Pictures can capture the viewers attention and pictures that especially relate to the topic of your tutorial make it a lot better and truly interesting. Pictures are absolutely something that are needed in tutorials to catch the eye of the viewers and is very important.

I really noticed lots of differences in between the practice tutorial I made and my favorite tutorial I chose. These taught me that it’s always important to think about the audience and viweres first of all.

Throughout this investigate stage, I have learned about so many things. Watching and reflecting different kinds of tutorials allowed me to collect tons of information. I have also enjoyed this entire investigate stage and I’m extremley excited for the create stage so that I can make my own tutorial soon.


Comparing Decimals

For today in math class, we went outside and measured the length of 3-4 objects.


Water Fountain

This water fountain has a length of 89cm×35cm. In km, it’s 0.089×0.035.



This skateboard has a length of 70cm×29cm. In km, it’s 0.007×0.029.



This T.V. has a length of 125cm×30cm. In km, it’s 0.125×0.003.

I think that converting decimals into different units of measurement weren’t that too easy and simple. It’s imprortant to get the right length of measurement and not to make that much mistakes as possible.

My Favorite Tutorial

In technology class these past few weeks, we have been researching on “What makes a good tutorial?” We have looked at 3 to 4 tutorials on the internet and learned some of the important ideas that we can use for our tutorial that we are going to create after we plan our tutorial. For me, I chose a topic which was obviously about drawing minions or either evil minions and carefully looked at it closely to think about what made it good and what was needed to be improved about it. This taught me a lot with the elements I need to include in my tutorial and to give the viewers an easier way to learn from it.

Here’s the tutorial 🙂 ….

From my research, I think the first tutorial was the best for me. It didn’t include much of effort within the technical stuff, but explained each step very carefully and used lots of examples from our prior knowledge to make it easy for us to follow along. One of the examples that I liked was when she gave an example of the minion’s body as a jelly-bean shaped figure. This was good, but I also think she did well to communicate with the viewers. She gave them some time to reflect and learn, which made it easier for them to draw after watching the tutorial. I think the actual aim of creating a tutorial is to make it just right for the viewers and to lead them the way to do what you’re teaching them properly.

Well, this is the end of my blog post and see you until the next time!!!

My Refelction of Semester one in Math!!!

In the first semester, we learnt lots of things, everything relating to math and nothing else other than math 😀

I especially remember the time when we became into young teachers and thought our students how to find out the answer to addition, subtraction, multiplication and devision of fractions. Me and my group created a video to show and explain how to devide fractions, made up worksheets and games. I think doing these work made it easier to understand the devison of fractions. What I’m going to tell you next doesn’t have to do anything with math, but it was fun and exciting so I’ll tell you. What was fun was that we got to play games between our math class. Now we don’t play games that much, but in the start and middle of the first semester we played a few games so that we wouldn’t get tired of doing math and we could concentrate properly on what we needed to do. One of the games were called “Celebrity Heads” and we had guess who the person was that was written on the board. Also, liked and enjoyed getting candies from Mr. Fedley. On my birthday, which was December 13th, Mr. Fedley gave me dozens of chewing candies, chocolate and lots of more sugery stuff. Those candies all ended up in my stomach and made me hyper, jumping up in the air for a cupple of minutes. But after school was over, I went back home and slept that night pretty early than always. I used so much energy that I couldn’t stay for that long not sleeping in my bed.

images  imgres

Well afterall, I think math is one of the interesting subjects to learn (just kidding….ok, maybe a little) and I like Mr. Fedley for being a super awesome teacher. Isn’t that a compliment, Mr. Fedley, right?