Science Can We Grow Food on Mars?

People are planing to move to mars at some point in time, a large problem that people face is that they don’t know how to grow their own food supply  I will suggest two problems and decide witch one is the best choice.

My first suggestion is to bring many trees, for example apple trees or a cherry tree. The trees grow food, as well as oxygen. Humans eat food and produce carbon dioxide. If the trees are in an area where it is closed and where a human is, there will be a balance for a supply of oxygen and food.

My second idea was to bring a life time of food for hundreds of people so that they will never run out. They could do this by flying many rockets and filling them with food. They should have enough food for until they learn how to grow food there.

My third idea was to create a soil filter and filter all the un formidable chemicals from the soil on mars. So over time there will be a big place where people can plant food.

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2 thoughts on “Science Can We Grow Food on Mars?”

  1. I think you should check if your grammar, such as witch and which.
    And having a solution of which of your solutions were the best and having a reason why.
    Other than that, I liked your solutions of your problem, so I want to hear which was the best, in your last paragraph.

  2. Nice intro. To grow trees you need water. Where will the water come from? Flying Rockets? Maybe only rich people can go to mars. Your grade will be 7.

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