I&S Grade 8 Unit 1 Reflection

Q: What ways have I gotten better at this type of work?

A: I think I have gotten better at doing my research when it comes to writing essays. Instead of using just Wikipedia or the first link google gives me I am able to look deeper into websites and find their sources and find good sites from there.

Q: Did I Meet my Standards?

A: I think I met most of my standards but one thing that I could work on is my length of the essay. My essay was a bit shorter than what I planned it to be so for next time I would like to learn how to expand on some of my topics. But I think I did well on having lots of details and examples in my essay.

Q: Did you do your work the same way other people did theirs?

A: I think my work was a bit diffrent from other peoples because most people did an infographic or poster and only about three people did essays. I chose an essay format because it is the way of working that I am most familiar with. Next time I do a project like this I will try to be more open minded and try to make a poster or an infographic. I think my project would of been a bit more exiting if I had made a poster or infographic.

Q: What do you want to improve on?

A: I  would like to improve on being able to get as much work done in class as possible by not fooling around with friends. Also learn how to manage my time at home. I had to finish my work on the last class that we had before we turned it in, so it was a bit of a rush. Next time I would of liked to finish my project before the last class of when its due.

Link to Essay:

What Would Happen to America if there was no Religion?