ATL skills

ATL skills,

I learned that with ATL skills we can work better and organize our work better. Communication skills can help when we present because we have to speak loud and speak clearly and with expression. Eye contact is very important when talking to others or presenting. Without eye contact people do not know who you are talking to. Thinking skills can help because inside thinking skills is confidence. Confidence can lead to you becoming a leader and expensing your ideas. I think that honesty takes a huge part in self management. Self management skills will include organizing and focus, organizing is part of the self management skills because self management means to manage your self. Social skills can help boost up your confidence because all your peers are around you and they can push you to become a risk taker and to take risks that you want to take but is most times to shy. Social skills is very important when working in groups because you will need to socialize with other people. You also need to listen to others and collaborate with some people.

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