Tech Day

Technology is about solving problems.

Pinhole photography

We used a bucket that was painted black and a magnet was blocking the pinhole on the lid, so it cannot make the light go into the bucket. We got a paper that was light sensitive and put in the bucket and shot the picture by opening the magnet so the light comes in the pinhole and to the paper. We operated the photo with chemicals and gradually the picture came out. Ours was slightly too dark that we needed to see the photo by shining by the light.

I always wanted to take photos, but this was totally different than I thought. It was simple and fast to make photos with unique materials. It had hard steps and even it didn’t come out that well, I was so excited to experience a new world of photography.

 Stop motion

We used clay to make characters with motion. We shot a lot of pictures and connected with the others that made movements.