Advanced Academics: AISA Math Osaka

AISA Math Osaka is a Math competition that Seisen Osaka International School hosted from Feb. 01 2018 to Feb. 03 2018. At this competition, the sole purpose was to strengthen your problem-solving skills, collaboration and deepen your math knowledge. It consisted of many 2-hour long individual tests, many group work activities and lastly a boat competition, to relieve some stress from the math.

To prep for this intensive, I met up with the group I was traveling with, and we did lots of problems together and individually. In addition, we learned calculus 3 months ahead than other people, which was fun to do. Some of the topics that I had to focus on and practice a lot was calculus, sequences and series, and geometry.

At first, I was hesitant to join the trip because I was going to compete with other students who might be better than me, but my love for mathematics overshadowed this doubt. Completing a lot of problems that I was not able to do in the past showed a pattern of growth in myself. Studying the question before completing it allowed for in-depth engagement, thus it was less difficult to answer and showed an increase in my problem-solving ability.

The aim of participating in this challenge was to pinpoint my challenges in order to be able to further my knowledge and understanding of math, which I was able to do. My main difficulty during this competition was finding for patterns. For example, when we were given a set of numbers and had to find a pattern, I needed more help from others than usual. So after the trip, I practiced more on these type of problems. Another challenge was time. Since it was a competition a key aspect was completing as many problems with a certain time period. Which was difficult for me because I like to take my time on problems in order to complete it thoroughly. This is a difficulty I still have, but I continue to practice completing problems faster, and I have improved, because now after each test I have a bit of time to go over it and correct some problems.

After the competition, I felt as if I had improved on so many aspects of mathematics. Such as geometry and calculus. Additionally, my collaborative skills have improved because I had to work with 5 other people for 3 days. In the end, I am glad I decided to go on this trip because it has helped me grow as a math student.

First Day:

Second Day:

Third Day:

In the evening when it was time to go, everyone was a bit tired:

Additionally, to further my math passion, I am deciding from July to August participate in an intensive Math course in Holland, before I start my university.

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