Community Engagement: Sustainability Project

In this world, the biggest problem is Global Climate change. The reason why I do not say Global Warming is because not every country is heating up, some heat up and some cool down. To stop this issues there are many solutions. Two of them being recycling and upcycling. Therefore my friend started this club at my school, the “Sustainability Project”. It aims for people to reuse their clothing and upcycle so you want to wear recycled clothing. Since an abundance of people does not realize the consequences of throwing their garbage in the sea or even drinking out of a PET bottle, it is my, and others who partake in this service groups, responsibility to raise awareness.

Personally, this club made me more aware of how many PET bottles I use, and how many clothing articles I buy but then throw away. This club showed me the importance and the effect of this certain lifestyle. This is why I am so passionate and active in the group. This is my second year in the Sustainability group, and I might even consider doing something with sustainability in the future.

To spread the word of sustainability, in the past we have had workshops. In one of those workshops, we talked about the environment, how it is important to take care of it because our consequences hurt some food cycles, including ours. Ie. poisoning the sea with our garbage poisons the phytoplankton then small fish eat those phytoplanktons, so they get poisoned too. After this, we sometimes eat those fish, and we become poisoned. This is how our laziness comes back to us. Then we would proceed to talk about we can prevent this by recycling, ie bottles, and clothing. As an example for them, we showed them how we can recycle clothing by giving them patches of material and then sewing them together to make a little pouch, where they can store things in. This was important to do because now they have the knowledge of recycling and upcycling and what happens when they do not. With this, the aim was not to completely make them sustainable, but at least make them conscious of their actions and perhaps change some of their habits.

In addition to this, we set up a little workstation at food fair 2018 where we people can buy patches of clothing, which was taken from a clothing drive and cut up into pieces, and create a design with paint, eco-friendly, on them. This way they can wear this upcycled piece of clothing as a bandana, or any way they prefer, and still look amazing!

Our next goal is to upcycle so many clothes so we can have a fashion show in the end and make upcycling a trend. To take a step towards this goal, my friends and I have targeted the fashion trends and analyzed what type of clothing we could upcycle so it appeals to our audience. Therefore, we have already started by creating a trendy bomber jacket out of a lab coat.

Furthermore, in Japan, they love plastic and plastic bottles, PET bottles. In order to attack this problem, we will be sawing off the heads of the bottles (the mouthpiece and lid), then sanding the edges straight. Afterward, we will be attaching another piece of plastic at the bottom of the sawn-off head, a piece taken from the rest of the bottle. This way we make tiny reusable containers. Then we will be teaming up with another service group in our school, the animal relief club, they will be making organic cosmetic products, which are obviously not tested on animals, and storing them in the containers we made. Then at the upcoming food fair, we will sell them. From the profit made, we will invest in more tools that will help us upcycle and recycle.

Here is a picture of me at food fair 2018, I am the girl in the middle:

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