Global Understanding: Hope Cambodia

To understand more about the events happening all around the world, I joined the Hope Service Group. This group, in particular, focused on the rural areas of Cambodia, and what is occurring. We meet every Day 10 on our ten-day schedule to discuss different ways to raise money to build schools and wells and other things that are useful for the citizens living in rural areas. When I first joined the group they told us our goal was to raise ¥2,750,000.  To do this successfully, we were divided into groups of 3-5 people each, and each group came up with different ways of fundraising. For my group, we sold snacks at several school events, we held some bake sales, started a go-fund-me page and many other things. They also organized a trip every year for 20 people to visit the previous projects and help build the current project. Unfortunately, due to some family business, I wasn’t able to join the trip. Nevertheless, we are still raising money.

Overall, joining the Hope Service group was an excellent choice, because I get to learn more about their culture and how poor some areas are. However, through raising money, I was able to make a difference for some people. How? Every cent donated to this cause can help us and the organization build wells for clean water, new school facilities and other academic materials for learning, and, new clothing and food for everyday life. Access to clean water is viable. Most of us are lucky to be able to walk a few steps and turn on a tap. However, there are children and adults who walk hundreds of kilometers to receive little water, which might not even be clean. As a result, they can extract diseases and become very sick, which on occasion could be fatal. In addition, a lot of children miss school due to these ‘trips’ and without proper education, they can not find jobs in the future. Moreover, the adults who miss their work, they miss out on the extra money they could have earned, and therefore are sometimes unable to feed their families. Malnourishment, famine, dehydration are all things most of us do not experience, and we should not have to go through that, this is why we need to support others and other countries to achieve one goal, international development. So before you buy that new pair of jeans, think twice, you could save a life.

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