Grade 7 Mon voyage à Paris

Vous allez faire un voyage à Paris pour un week-end.

Qu’est-ce que vous allez visiter?

Qu’est-ce que vous allez faire?




As a conclusion to our unit on leisure activities, we are going to explore the sights of Paris and plan a week-end trip including sightseeing and various leisure activities.

At the end of this individual project, you will give an oral presentation with a visual support (PowerPoint, Keynote or Prezi) on your weekend visit of Paris.


  1. Research the monuments and sights of Paris illustrated on your planning sheet: identify them and then look for information on their official sites on the Internet. Additionally, you may review the places mentioned in Mise en Train and also in Mise en Pratique in your online textbook.
  2. On your planning sheet, you will then list eight places of interest and decide what you are going to do there. Write full sentences using the future form with ALLER. Among your activities, you should include trips to the cinema, theatre, opera, café or restaurant.
  3. Under the section “Arrange your ideas chronologically”, you will rearrange the order of your visit by adding time frames such as days, times of the day and times.
  4. Say with whom you are going to go and use the pronoun “on” to describe what you and your company are going to do.
  5. Use connecting words such as : et, mais, d’abord (first), ensuite (next), après ça (afterward), enfin (finally).
  6. Your visual support should have headings and images for each place of interest. Avoid including too much text. While presenting orally, you will provide all relevant details in a convincing manner. You will need to rehearse your presentation to make sure the delivery of your speech is synchronized with your visuals.
  7. Include the sources of your pictures in your bibliography at the end of your presentation.


You will have three class periods and personal time to complete this project. Make sure you submit your script the day before your presentation for proofreading.

Bonne visite !