Grade 7 Interviews individuelles

Which sports do you like? What are your favourite pastimes?






During your individual interviews, you will

  • say what you like and how much
  • talk about your activities according to the weather and seasons
  • say how often you do certain activities
  • suggest to do some specific activities

Refer to your interview sheet to prepare well and check your times below so as not to miss your interviews.

Bonne chance!


Christmas Party Preparations

Wrapping party

Correction: the date is November 24. Please download this permission slip if you would like to help on that day. Make sure you return your slip by Friday 16.

Money collection

We need a lot more students to help with money collection. Please consider visiting several tutor groups that are on the same floor of a particular building. Add your names on this document by Friday 16.

Class visits

There are still a few grades that might want you to visit their classrooms. Please sign up on this document and talk to the teachers to see if they would like class visits. Please report to your Van der Poel supervisors about the progress you have made.

Christmas decorations

Start working on paper chains in the biology lab after school only or room L202 in the MLB at the following times:

After school: any day of the week on week A as well as on week B.

HS lunch times: Wednesday and Thursday of week A and B. Friday of week B.

All help is welcome, please see your Van der Poel supervisors if you need more information or would like to contribute more.