Grade 7 e-learning for Wednesday October 16

On explore la ville de Québec!

Québec city, one of the oldest cities in North America, is the location for our unit “Sports et passe-temps”. Let’s explore this city and at the same time reflect on our unit question “How have sports been influenced by the environment?”

During this e-learning session, you will visit two websites on the city of Québec and you will post on your blogs your answers to the questions that follow. You will be encouraged to post your answers in English and in French depending on the tasks. The title of your assignment will be “On explore la ville de Québec!”

Allez, viens!

First let’s visit this website, Le site officiel de l’Office du tourisme de Québec. Since the official languages in Canada are English and French, you will be able to navigate this site in both langages.
From the Home page, you will explore les “Activités” en automne et les “Nouveautés” en hiver (= winter).

For each season, you will list three activities you would like to do. Give their names in French and provide as many details as possible (in English) such as where you would do them, when and why.

Now let’s visit Le guide urbain de Québec.

On the navigation bar with a Home button, you will click on “Tours de ville” and you will choose a sightseeing tour. Give its name in French and provide information on what you will visit, how you will travel, when, and why you chose this tour.

Going back to the Home page, you will click this time on “Sports & plein air”.

By hovering your cursor over each pictogram, you will be able to read in French the names of various sports. You will choose three sports per season (en automne, en hiver, au printemps, en été). You will write their names in French, grouping them per seasons and you will provide information about where you can do such sports and why you chose them.

You will conclude your exploration by making
• a list of names of sports that you noticed are called differently in Québécois French in comparison to the names of sports we learned in class.
• a list of names of sports that are specific to a country that has a long and cold winter season with snowy weather.

Now, how would you answer our unit question “How have sports been influenced by the environment?”