Grade 10 – French internal examination

Vivre en ville ou à la campagne?


As explained in class, your examination on May 7 will be based on our topic “C’était comme ça”.  It will include the following two tasks:

1) Two reading comprehension texts related to one of the themes of our current unit, city life versus country life.  Both texts will be unseen passages similar in difficulty to the ones we have done previously. Reviewing and acquiring a thorough knowledge of all the vocabulary introduced and encountered during the exploration of this aspect of our unit will be essential to preparing successfully not only for this task but also for your second task.

2) A composition based on the same theme, in which you will have to state and support your position in a well constructed argument.

In class we will spend time looking at some connectors that can be used to improve your writing style and develop it to a more sophisticated level to convince your readers.

Be prepared to use them in your examination paper!

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