Grade 7 – Notre voyage à Paris

Photo Maeda

Photo Maeda

From Monday June 8 until Monday June 15, you will work with your designated partners on your presentations entitled “Notre voyage à Paris”, based on the sights of Paris and the leisure activities you will have selected for a weekend trip in the French capital.


After researching on what to see and what to do in Paris, you will present your trip using either a video format or Google Earth: you will give a virtual tour of your planned weekend visit with an audio commentary in French.

In order to complete your task successfully you will need to follow these steps:

1. Research the monuments and sights of Paris illustrated on your planning sheets: identify them and then look for information on the Internet. This is a good starting point to get acquainted with the major sights of Paris; however, you may not restrict your search to these and review other sights such as the places mentioned in “Mise en Train” on page 170 and find even more details in “Mise en Pratique” on page 194 in your online texts.

2. On your planning sheets, you will then make a final list of six places of interest and decide what you are going to do there. Write full sentences using the future form with ALLER.

3. Include leisure activities with trips to the following:

  1. au cinéma, au théâtre, à l’opéra, à la patinoire, au stade
  2. au café ou au restaurant.

4. Write the whole script of your virtual visit so as to record it in a seamless fashion. Both partners should contribute to the audio commentary.

5. Record your virtual tour over images you will have selected for each place of interest and make sure you mention your sources.

6. Share your finished products with your teacher or send a copy of your products on Monday June 15.

Required elements

1.  Your trip should be a weekend trip. It should include an itinerary.

2.  On your planning sheets, under the section “Arrange your ideas chronologically”, you will arrange the order of your visit by adding time frames such as days, times of the day and times. Plan your activities as realistically as possible with leisure activities within reasonable distance of the monuments and at times that are suitable. You will need to mention time frames for both sightseeing and leisure activities. (Review “Note de grammaire” pg.173)

3.   Mention a minimum of 6 different sights:

a.   Say where you will go and what you will do.

b.   Give some background information on the sights.

c.   Say where you will eat and what foods and/or drinks you will have.

4.   Mention a number of leisure activities:

a.   Say where you will go and what activities you will do.

5.   Say with whom you are going to go and use the pronoun “on” to describe what both your partner and you are going to do.

6.   Use connecting words such as: et, mais, d’abord (first), ensuite(next), après (afterwards), et après ça (and after that),enfin/finalement (finally).


  • Make sure all required elements are included
  • Organize the activities in a logical order based on the itinerary you created.
  • Review how to express future ideas, using “Je vais…” or “Nous allons…”
  • Choose appropriate images. Your images should also be of a certain size; do not use images that are of a too low resolution, as they become pixelated when enlarged.
  • Do not include too much text, only keywords or headings in a big enough font if you are using a PowerPoint/Keynote format for your video.
  • Include a bibliography, citing all sources used.
  • Check the document “Visite virtuelle de Paris” if you need help with Google Earth.

Presentation :

  • Make sure your presentation will be delivered smoothly. Practice beforehand to ensure a good synchronization of your speech with your visuals.
  • Your speech will need to be convincing and your voice should be loud enough. Read from your script with good intonation. Your audience will soon find your presentation uninteresting if you do not show enthusiasm.
  • Make sure you use vocabulary and expressions that everyone knows. Unknown vocabulary should be explained to your audience before your presentation if necessary.


  • Research and plan: 2 lessons
  • Image search and script writing: 2 lessons
  • Audio recording and video or Google Earth completion: 2 lessons.

Bonne visite!

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